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It’s home, for your customer knowledge

Build a customer-centric culture by curating your research findings in a single location.

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The place for your organization’s research

Turn your scattered reports, presentations, documents, and recordings to one searchable repository.

Your shared company brain

Curate your research and present your findings in a way that delivers meaningful impact.

Evidence-backed insights

Create traceable insights with a path back to the raw evidence from your research analysis.

Discover past research

Effortlessly search across all your projects to uncover past research and insights.

Share insights that inspire action in your team

Let your users speak for themselves with engaging video highlights that drive impact, and bring your research insights to life.

Capture key findings as atomic insights

Create traceable insights backed by evidence from your analysis. Build out a library of searchable, atomic insights.

One place for your notes, recordings, photos, and files

Keep all your research data centralized with unlimited storage for text, images, video, PDFs, and more.

Matt Hinds from SafetyCulture

Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Matt Hinds, Product Manager at SafetyCulture

Get your organization closer to the customer

With unlimited free viewer accounts, everyone in your organization can access customer insights to build empathy. Only pay for those who conduct research.

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Create beautiful, shareable insights and include references to source material.

Free viewer accounts
Free viewer accounts

Invite unlimited stakeholders and others to view research data at no additional cost.

Organization-wide tags

Define tags that can be shared across teams, projects, and departments.

Access control

Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with granular project permissions.


Use powerful filtering controls to segment and refine your results by structured data.


Maintain traceability with references to evidence collected during analysis.


Organize projects to track different initiatives across departments and teams.


Establish conventions for customer interviews, usability testing sessions, and more.

Global search

Search the full text of research data and insights across all projects in your workspace.

Zip file
File storage

Store images, video, recordings, and documents in-context within notes and insights.

Email sharing
Email sharing

Share research data and insights to anyone in your organization over email.


Discuss research data and insights, and agree on the next steps as a team.

Search video
Search within video

Search the full text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you’re looking for.

Presentation mode

Present insights on the big screen with a beautiful presentation mode.

Public link

Share insights with external stakeholders by sending them a public access link.


Import data from a CSV file, or use drag and drop capabilities to upload files directly.


Download your project data as a PDF or CSV file, and download files in their original format.


Import your Zoom cloud meeting recordings and transcribe in a just few clicks.


Connect thousands of apps to create workflows, import, and export data with Zapier.

Research data under lock & key

Dovetail is built on a modern cloud infrastructure utilizing world-class vendors like Amazon Web Services to ensure the safety of your data.

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Break down silos

Share context and bring your team along on the research journey to create a shared understanding of your customers.

Standardize your research process

Establish templates for methods like customer interviews and usability tests to effortlessly kickstart new research projects.

Manage and control access to data

Configure permissions for individual projects to limit which roles and users have visibility of research data.

The latest insights delivered to your inbox

Easily keep your stakeholders across the latest findings from your research team with email notifications.

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