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Build a user-centric culture by curating your research findings in a single location.

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Democratize user understanding

Centralize all your customer knowledge into one collaborative, searchable, and secure repository.

Build a shared company brain

Curate your research and present your recommendations in a way that delivers meaningful impact.

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Discover past research

Effortlessly interrogate your repository to quickly retrieve and uncover previous insights.

Share lessons

Disseminate your research findings across teams to foster a customer-focused culture.

Bring all your research discoveries together

No matter where your reports, presentations, and findings came from, they can all live in Dovetail with unlimited storage.

One place for your research observations

Keep all your outputs together with unlimited storage for PDFs, presentations, images, videos, and more.

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Effortlessly import all your data

Whether you’re dragging from your desktop or using cloud storage integrations like Google Drive, you can import materials from anywhere.

Create beautiful research reports

Craft captivating narratives around your research learnings and share them across your entire organization.

Retrieve relevant content, no matter where it is

Seamlessly search within your files to uncover and discover past research, reports, and insights.

Past and secondary research at your fingertips

Use our powerful search to look within your repository and locate the exact evidence you’re looking for.

Share stories that inspire action in your organization

Let your users speak for themselves with beautiful, engaging, cross-project reports. Disseminate broadly to spark ideas and influence product and strategic decisions.

Findings that find you

Receive real-time discoveries, updates, and comments right in Slack. With rich previews, anyone in the organization can stay updated where they already work.

Prove the value of your research efforts

Know that your research findings have the impact and reach they deserve through aggregated and personalized insights.

Understand the impact of your research

Assess your influence with intuitive analytics. Recognize your popular findings, contributions, and learn how your stakeholders engage.

See who is engaging with your research

Identify which teammates viewed your stories. Start conversations about your research with comments and mentions.

Matt Hinds from SafetyCulture

Being able to have a source of truth and get everyone on the same page quicker is an absolute game changer for someone like a product manager whose entire role revolves around that.

Matt Hinds, Product Manager at SafetyCulture

Get your organization closer to the customer

With unlimited free viewer accounts, everyone in your organization can engage with customer stories to build empathy. Only pay for those who conduct research.

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Create shareable stories with references to quotes, highlights, and videos across projects.

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File storage

Store images, videos, and documents directly or within notes and stories.

Global search

Search the full text of research data and insights across all projects in your workspace.


Import data from Google Drive, a CSV file, or drag and drop to upload files directly.

Free viewer accounts
Free viewer accounts

Invite unlimited stakeholders and others to view research data at no additional cost.

Customizable repository

Personalize your workspace by setting a logo, a theme, and a custom home experience.

Flexible editor

Tell a compelling narrative with multi-column layouts, videos, images, and sticky notes.

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Read receipts

See which of your teammates have viewed your stories with read receipts.


Establish conventions for customer interviews, usability testing sessions, and more.

Email sharing
Email and Slack sharing

Share stories and files within your organization over email or via our Slack integration.


Discuss research data and insights, and agree on the next steps as a team.


Download files and findings directly to your desktop in their original format

Keep your data safe, secure, and compliant

We enable thousands of organizations to better understand their customers with a platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about security and privacy

Manage and control access to data

Configure permissions for individual projects to limit which roles and users have visibility of research data.

OpenID-based SSO

Single sign-on support via OpenID Connect, available in leading identity providers.

Encryption in transit & rest

All data is encrypted in transit via TLS 1.2 and at rest with AES-256 encryption.

Participant privacy
Project access control

Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with granular project permissions.

JIT provisioning

Leverage domain-restricted sign up to provision user accounts as they need access.

Managed users

Ability to provide and revoke access to roles, and manage active user sessions.

Domain allowlisting

Restrict user provisioning to verified email addresses at your approved domains.

SOC 2 Type II

Established mitigation of risks related to security, availability, and confidentiality.

European union

Dovetail adheres to the EU’s GDPR legislation on storage and deletion of user data.

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