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Go from raw customer research data to actionable findings with fast, accurate, and flexible qualitative analysis software.

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Raw data → insights in minutes, not hours

Speed up your research with advanced transcription and tagging. Promote customer-driven decisions backed by insights and evidence.

All your qualitative data under one roof

Use one simple, powerful product to combine your interviews, usability tests, surveys, feedback, and NPS response data.

Instantly upload recordings from Zoom and Google Drive

Seamlessly integrate and transform your recordings into editable and accurate transcripts in just a few clicks.

Bring all types of qualitative data

Get a bird‘s-eye view of the customer by integrating with your favorite usability testing, NPS, survey, or support software.

Accurate transcription in 28 languages

Our speech engine is trained on 100,000+ hours of human-transcribed content across multiple topics, industries, and accents. This makes our transcripts some of the most accurate, even with low-quality recordings.

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It feels really nice to be able to add value to someone’s life through the software that I’m writing so I think technology is such an amazing platform for being able to have that how, I guess.

It feels really nice to be able to add value to someone’s life through the software that I’m reading sexing technologies, so An amazing platform for being able to have that power is.


It feels really not too bad and I’ll use someone’s life through the subway, then I’m writing stuff. Technology is such an amazing platform. Being able to have that. How I.

Errors in transcript, from a low-quality video call recording

Import your Zoom cloud meeting recordings and transcribe in just a few clicks.

Google Drive

Import your files from Google Drive, including Google Meet recordings.


Connect thousands of apps to create workflows, import, and export data with Zapier.

Edit Doc
Editable transcripts

Redact, split monologues, and tidy transcripts with full text editing capabilities.

99% accuracy

An advanced speech engine for reliable transcripts across topics, industries, and accents.

Custom vocabulary

Add specialized or context-specific words to expand your transcription’s vocabulary.

Video processing

Support for standard file formats including MP4, MOV, MPEG, MP3, M4A, and more.

Speaker detection
Speaker detection

Automatically detect multiple speakers from your file, add and rename speakers.

Synced playback

Follow what’s being spoken about in the transcript while you listen to the recording.

Playback speed

Listen to video and audio at 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds to race through your analysis.

Link people and data

Connect research participants to data and insights and maintain traceability.

Zip file
File storage

Store images, videos, and documents directly or within notes and stories.

The quickest way to distill and structure your data

Highlight and tag your research with everything you need at your fingertips. Iterate, refine, and adapt your process as you go.

Structure raw data in record time

Capture key moments with tags and highlights. Structure data with custom fields to store names, positions, interview dates, and more.

Adapt to any style of research project

Quick and lean or thorough and rigorous, Dovetail can be as lightweight or powerful as your project requires.

Evolve your taxonomy as you work

We know it’s messy—let your approach evolve as you gain greater context. Iterate as you go with tag splitting and merging.

Project readme
Project readme

Describe your goals, hypotheses, research plan, and other relevant info.

Search video
Search within video

Search the full text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you’re looking for.


Select and highlight paragraphs, sentences, or words to categorize with tags.

Tag management
Tag management

Easily modify your tags during analysis with controls like edit, copy, move, and merge.

Structured data

Create custom fields to store attributes like name, age, interview date, and more.

Bulk edit
Bulk edit

Select multiple things and perform operations on all of them at once.

Drag and drop boards
Drag and drop boards

Intuitively organize your tags into boards and groups with Trello-like drag and drop.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis

Machine learning automatically tags sentences for you in over 12 different languages.

Discover meaningful patterns in your data

Group key highlights and tags into relevant themes. Synthesize findings into actionable insights for your team.

Build rich, evidence-backed personas

Find your core users and link their goals to your product—intuitively slice and dice your data by need, pain point, or demographic.

Collaborate with teammates effortlessly

Don’t go it alone. Share insights as you go, loop in your teammates, or collaborate directly with key stakeholders.

Coming soon

Affinity map like a pro

Find themes in unstructured data—cluster quotes and tags from scratch, or kickstart your synthesis with an automatic arrangement.

Affinity mapping

Find themes and synthesize research collaboratively using Canvas view.

Automated themes

Kickstart synthesis by automatically clustering highlights by tag.

Free viewer accounts
Free viewer accounts

Invite unlimited stakeholders and others to view research data at no additional cost.

Filter highlights

Filter your highlights by people or demographic data to generate insights.


Create traceable atomic insights backed by evidence from your analysis in projects.


Pull stakeholders into the conversation by mentioning them in a comment or note.

Flexible editor

Tell a compelling narrative with multi-column layouts, videos, images, and sticky notes.

Video hightlights
Video highlights

Select text and tag your transcript to build video highlights across recordings.

Generate evidence-backed insights that inspire action

Bring the voice of the customer to every product decision. Use traceable, high-impact insights to promote a research culture in your organization.

Build empathy with video highlight reels

Bring the customer into the room. Export video highlight reels of key moments—no more complex video editing software.

Craft a compelling stakeholder narrative

Organize your insights into a relevant, persuasive story. Reorder insights by category or theme for different stakeholders.

Presentation-ready findings in two clicks

Turn qualitative data into quantitative data. Summarize, rank, and prioritize your findings with bar, pie, and radar charts.

Gain trust with traceable insights

Keep insights connected to raw data. Share public links for stakeholders who want to see the complete picture.

Stop reinventing the wheel, standardize your best work

Increase your team’s research velocity with powerful templates, global taxonomies, and access controls.

Build powerful, reusable project templates

Streamline your research process. Avoid unnecessary rework by creating custom project templates for the future.

Standardize tagging taxonomies and fields

Use global tags to rally your team around a preferred methodology or find related insights across teams and research projects.

Protect the privacy of your participants

Control access and permissions to protect your participants’ privacy. Stay secure with GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

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